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Your support is important to us, so we feel it is important to explain why we believe this will negatively impact the community.

The Langley Park Learning Trust is currently comprised of:

  • Clare House Primary School

  • Hawes Down Primary School

  • Langley Park Primary School

  • Langley Park School for Boys (Secondary School)

  • Langley Park School for Girls (Secondary School)

Currently all schools in the trust accept children based on proximity, as do most schools in the borough and across London.

Part of the current proposal by the Trust is to change this admissions policy for the senior schools, so that priority is given to children from the primary schools within their trust.

There are three main reasons that our community opposes this:



Tropical Storm


Displacing local children

Two of the three proposed feeders are more geographically remote than five other, more local, primary schools. 

The feeder school currently on the same site as the high schools has a vast catchment with some children coming from more than three miles away. Fifty per cent of the current cohort come from outside the catchment area established for the Langley Park School for Boys.

As feeder schools take up places previously taken by local children, the catchment area for our secondary schools will shrink. The creation of these feeder schools by the Langley Park Learning Trust will leave pockets of our community without a local high school at all.

Where is the sense to ship our children out to schools on long journeys every day, and in turn ship in children from equally remote locations?

The local community has previously been reassured that this was not something the Trust planned to do.

In prospectuses, public meeting minutes, at open days and parents' evenings, until December 2019, this was never an option that the Trust promoted publicly. 

Many families have made decisions in excess of a decade ago to settle in our community with the simple idea of getting their children a good education. Those who moved here worked hard to put down roots in the area, helping to maintain what has always been a thriving local community.  Decisions were made for their children based on the 'best fit' schools available in their areas, not based on securing access to a secondary school at the age of four. 

This sea change, now proposed by the Langley Park Learning Trust, alters the landscape of this decision making entirely.

It divides a community.



Declining demand and budgets for our other, great, local primary schools

In proposing this change the Trust will clearly encourage demand for the schools granted a feeder status, as parents seek to guarantee access to our  sought-after local secondary schools. A likely outcome is that catchments for those feeder primaries will shrink as demand increases.

Those primary schools in non-multi-phase academies (ie those academies consisting of primary schools only, such as the Compass Trust) will suddenly find they are less desirable to parents when compared to the Langley Park Learning Trust (in terms of guaranteeing a good secondary school place when joining the school aged four).

Those other local schools and academies therefore are likely to experience less demand, with class sizes shrinking. This means less pupil funding for these schools. We may well see these great schools in an irreversible downward spiral, eroding yet another reason to move to the area and build a community.

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